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Read a selection of testimonials from The Spring National Franchise Exhibition 2016. If you would like to attend one of The Franchise Exhibitions, you can find out more about our upcoming events here:

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I wanted to see if we have the potential to franchise our business out. This is my first time here and already I’m impressed. Today will be essential in helping me to get some ideas from established franchisees to decide whether our business is franchisable. I think having these added workshops is a huge bonus as I am able to hear first-hand experience from the professionals themselves.

Lisa Heath, Birmingham


I’m here today as the company I work for is thinking of franchising the business and I wanted to speak to a few experienced franchisors to get their professional advice as to whether they think it’s a feasible idea. I also really want to establish how they got into the industry themselves. The exhibition gives me an ideal way to get in front of franchise brands and have one-on-one in-depth discussions with them. Having the knowledge that everyone I am speaking to is bfa accredited also gives me great confidence in the advice I’m receiving. It’s been a very useful morning and I would definitely come back to The National Franchise Exhibition in the future.

David Phillips, Manchester


I’ve come here today to see what options are available to me as a potential franchisor. This is my first time at The National Franchise Exhibition and having spoken to a few brands already, I am really happy with how helpful everyone is. It’s a very relaxed environment and I’m very much looking forward to exploring for the rest of the day.

Chris Bolton, Gloucestershire

I’m looking to start a venture of my own at the moment and I currently don’t have much knowledge of the franchise industry. I thought this was the perfect way for me to get some advice and information from professionals. In particular, I’m looking forward to the bfa seminar at 10.45am that gives ‘An introduction to franchising’ which will help me to gather some ideas.

Daniel Rodgers, Birmingham


We’re here looking at franchising our courier post company, we have previously been in touch with Venture Marketing Group about it and I am so grateful for all the advice they have given us so far. The National Franchise Exhibition was perfect timing for us to come and gain even more information. I previously bought a franchise back in 1997 so already had a good knowledge of this exhibition and knew it was a great way to get in front of a number of franchise gurus.

Debbie Clark, Cheshire



We are here today looking for a sizable opportunity that we can invest in and develop. It’s our first time here at the National Franchise Exhibition and we think it’s really good. 

Tom, Portsmouth, & Chris, Chertsey


This is our first time at the National Franchise Exhibition and we are looking forward to getting a bit more of an understanding about what’s involved. We’ve done research on the internet, but want to see what everything looks and feels like. 

Ian, Shrewsbury


I’ve come to The National Franchise Exhibition for two reasons: I’m here on behalf of my friends who have recently started their own business and are considering franchising it out – they’re too busy with their business at the moment so I volunteered to come along – and I’ve also come for myself as I am a designer and an inventor. I have a product I’ve created and need to make some business decisions surrounding it. I have personally come today in particular to attend all the conferences to get some inspiration and find out the steps I need to take. I went to the keynote seminar held by Kresse Wesling which was honestly phenomenal, amazing, just brilliant – she is extremely knowledgeable and I got so much out of it. Today has been a huge success for not only myself but also for my friends who I can take back some incredibly useful information to.

Tori, Birmingham


I have my own business and my goal is either to franchise it out or stop and start a new venture entirely. Today has already given me a lot to think about and I take away with me some incredibly useful advice from the professionals.

Dale, Northampton





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