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The One World

The One World connects UK franchises with committed Middle Eastern investors, facilitating seamless integration and ensuring mutual business growth.

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Industry Sector(s):
Business Consulting, Franchise Services, Growing Your Own Business

The One World

The One World excels in aiding UK brands to expand into the lucrative Middle Eastern market. Our expertise lies in connecting UK franchisors with affluent Middle Eastern investors. With a team spearheaded by London lawyer Omar Shams and UK franchise professional James Thomlinson, we operate from London, Cairo, and Riyadh, offering a unique blend of legal and franchise expertise.

Our services

1. Market expansion: Assisting UK brands in navigating the Middle Eastern market, providing insights into local business customs, and establishing connections with key regional investors.

2. Investor matchmaking: Curating a network of high-net-worth individuals in the Middle East interested in UK franchise opportunities.

3. Comprehensive support: Facilitating every step of the franchise expansion from initial matchmaking to operational setup in the Middle East.

The One World services

Franchise expansion options

Territory development: Identifying and securing profitable territories in the Middle East for UK franchisors.

Joint ventures: Establishing partnerships between UK brands and Middle Eastern investors for mutual growth.

Market entry strategies: Crafting bespoke strategies for UK brands to successfully enter and thrive in Middle Eastern markets.

The One World

Our commitment

We focus on creating sustainable, long-term partnerships. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of both UK and Middle Eastern markets, ensuring a smooth and successful expansion for UK franchisors.


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