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Cortex Territory

Cortex Territory is not just a new connected platform that puts franchisors in complete control of their local marketing, it offers a new way of doing it.

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Marketing & Media

Be better. Be smarter. Bespoke. 

Cortex Territory is not just a new connected platform that puts franchisors in complete control of their local marketing, it offers a new way of doing it. It’s the first completely customisable, made-to measure supported software package that can be directly tailored to the needs and parameters of individual businesses.

By allowing franchisors to select exactly what functionality they require, Cortex Territory becomes an efficient, bespoke solution that not only optimises, but crucially, harmonises domestic or international branch network marketing.


Complete visibility of network activity

Cortex Territory allows franchisors and their networks to align with predetermined marketing and budget planners, while monitoring and controlling spend, to boost effectiveness.

Total control of digital assets

Multi-channel assets will be available to upload, download, search and filter directly from the platform – all according to Franchisors’ brand rules.

Simplified marketing material creation

Creating localised marketing material becomes effortless with Cortex Territory’s online asset editor module – again, all adhering to individual brand rules. 

End to end with ease

Combining Cortex Territory’s campaign builder and its direct print supplier integration, assets can be planned, created and distributed all from within the platform.

One single-access portal

Access to what would historically be multiple, disconnected systems can now be achieved through Cortex Territory’s one connected portal.


Cortex Territory’s modular capabilities mean that Clients are able to pick and choose from a menu of core features which all operate on a single-platform. 

This enables simple initial deployment with future expansion baked in. Features can then be customised to fit individual brand or operation requirements. 

Other features within the platform include a comprehensive marketing overview down to individual branch level; custom dashboards where personalised landing pages can be created for all users; the opportunity to assign and manage budgets across all branches; the ability to trigger branch and field user alerts and reminders, and the power to control all actions and reporting from a central hub.


Although created as a stand-alone system, Cortex Territory can function seamlessly alongside its sister platform Cortex Engage. This system is designed to re-energise franchises by incentivising, recognising and rewarding the micro behaviours of employees.


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