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Azura Group

The Azura Group were formed in 1990 and for the last 12 years have been specialising in software systems for franchise networks.

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Industry Sector(s):
Children Franchises, Management Franchises, Vehicle Based Franchises

The Azura Group were formed in 1990 and for the last 12 years have been specialising in software systems for franchise networks.

Webchise is the UK's leading Franchise software system, providing the tools to allow your franchisees to run their franchise effectively and efficiently, whilst giving you, their franchisor, full control over how they operate.

Working with over 50 franchise networks, uniquely our systems are tailored to each franchise network to ensure your processes are fully supported and sector specific versions provide all the features your franchisees need.

Webchise Franchise Management Software

For many franchisors, clear visibility of their franchisees’ activities is very difficult, if not impossible. How useful would it be to be able to answer the following questions at a click of a button?

  • How many leads did a franchisee get this week?
  • How many leads have been converted this month?
  • What revenue has a franchisee booked so far this month?

What Royalties or MSF is due to me?

Without access to information about the franchisees’ activities, it is very difficult to manage your network effectively – because you don’t have all the information.

Webchise is a revolutionary system which allows you to see this information, whilst (and this is most important) providing tools that make life easier for your franchisees so that they want to use the system – and hence provide the information you need.

Each Webchise system is fully customised to support your franchise process and because of this we can help ‘funnel’ franchisees into doing things the way you want them done rather than the many different ways they would like to do it.

Key sectors include:

  • Job and Van based franchises
  • Service Management
  • Children’s Activity Franchises

And more

Also included are the features you need to manage the network, including franchisee compliance, franchise recruitment and most importantly MSF (or royalty) management to ensure you receive all the fees which are due to you.

It`s cost effective too, apart from a small setup fee, a monthly fee per franchisee (your franchisor licences are free) covers all your ongoing development and support to give you a fully Customised system for the price of a Generic out the box product.

Job Management

Scheduling and managing jobs can be a real problem for many franchise networks, especially when franchisees run a number of technicians.

The Webchise Job module allows franchisees to view and manage the job schedules of their technicians. Jobs can be dragged and dropped onto the schedules and technicians are automatically notified when new jobs are allocated to them, or changes made to existing jobs.

As the jobs change status (e.g. booked, travelling, onsite, etc), their colour will change on the schedule so you can immediately see what stage each job is in.

Once the job is completed, it can be invoiced at a click of a button with no further information required.

National Accounts can be easily managed within Webchise, including special billing arrangements, for example some National accounts may be billed centrally and some directly.

Out of Hours job management is also handled, with any jobs arriving out of normal hours automatically allocated to the on call technician.

Webchise Job Management module can also be integrated with organisations which supply jobs to you, e.g Homeserve, etc, so that jobs are automatically received by the franchisee, but more importantly all the required information is fed back to the National Account at the correct time, so that you know nothing is being missed.

Webchise – Activity Based Franchises

Azura dashboard

Running an activity based franchise network has its own special challenges. Luckily there is a special version of Webchise tailored specifically for you.

Webchise allows you and your franchisees to set up and manage Terms, Venue, Classes and Registers, together with holding all the information you need about Parents and their Children. Even certificate printing is available.

Once classes are setup with Webchise, they can then be made available for Online booking either via a Webchise Website, or via your existing website. Parents can log on, manage their information and book their children onto classes and pay for them via credit card.

Payments for classes can be captured and automatically reflected both on the registers, but also immediately in the franchisee’s book keeping system, helping them keep their accounts up to date.

A mobile option is available to capture attendance at each session.

You then have full view of the franchisees Classes and overall activity.

There are also automated marketing options available, for example emails or SMS text messages automatically sent to parents of children with birthdays coming up, to promote Birthday Parties or other up-selling opportunities.

Everything the franchisee needs to run their business is here and that then means that all the information about your franchise network is available to you.

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