Introducing Robo Flail the remote controlled mower! Wednesday

posted on 28-Dec-2011

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2011 Our lads had to form orderly queue’s over the last few weeks as they all want to try out the ultimate man toy…the Robo Flail. We are trying out the Robo Flail, a remote controlled mower that is designed to go up bankings on its own. 

Exactly how it says it will – by remote control! We hope that it will be a solution to some of our more difficult sites  that have those hard to reach places.  Such areas as these can sometimes pose problems for our teams as they try to keep within the health and safely guidelines. The Robo Flail does just that!  It is not even put off by marsh land and will just keep on going straight through mud and water, along with mowing in very wet weather conditions. It is early days in our trial of this wonderful concept, hopefully it will do just as good a job as our lads’ would do.  Yes, we have high hopes for the Robo Flail and it will never be short of volunteers to control it!