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Growing Your Own Business 2017


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Visiting the Growing Your Own Business Hub

Growing Your Own Business Hub


Visit the Growing Your Own Business Hub for expert advice on growth strategies and innovation.  

Most people seek expert advice when setting up or expanding a business. The National Franchise Exhibition supports entrepreneurs, prospective business owners and franchisees by providing an extensive range of free strategic planning resources.

Professional advisers will be available throughout the exhibition at the Growing Your Own Business Hub to offer valuable expert advice on a range of topics, from getting a startup off the ground to optimising your marketing channels.

Business Enterprise Support


Business Enterprise Support Ltd

For over 30 years Business Enterprise Support (BES) has helped thousands of people from various backgrounds prepare, fund and successfully launch new businesses across the West Midlands. BES is also proud to be a delivery partner of Virgin StartUp loans, providing startup advice and funding up to £25,000 to help get your new business launched successfully.


Transmit Startups


Transmit Start-Ups

Transmit Start-Ups provides finance, business support and mentoring for new businesses throughout the UK. Transmit Start-Ups is made up of a team of experienced entrepreneurs who understand what is involved in starting and growing businesses. To date, Transmit Start-Ups have helped over 2,000 people (including franchises and franchisees) with £18m of finance, support and free post-loan support. Their Start-Up loans, available to people in the UK, are designed to get your businesses up and running.


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