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London Bath Co., The

The London Bath Co. franchise is a complete business management opportunity. Although ideal for husband-and-wife teams it can also easily be operated by sole proprietors. Utilising decades of experience built up in the building services industry and a pool of vetted installers franchisees will go on to have the back up and confidence to undertake multiple projects at the same time.

Investment amount: £30,000 - £100,000

Investment Amount:
£20,001 - £50,000
£50,001 - £100,000
Industry Sector(s):
Home Improvement Franchises, Management Franchises, Specialised


About us

The London Bath Co. Boutique bathroom design and installation franchise opportunity.

WE FIT! - Franchisees work closely with our network of accredited installers, designing and selling fully fitted luxury bathrooms from their own boutique design showroom.

The London Bath Co. is a highly successful and profitable business designing, supplying, and installing high-quality luxury bathrooms throughout London. It provides the UK’s only true fully managed, personal service offering clients a complete turnkey solution for a complete end to end high-quality, fully managed bathroom refurbishment in the UK.

The company is seeking franchisees with the commitment, dedication, and drive to further expand its chain of boutique design showrooms throughout affluent London areas.

Full training is provided teaching franchisees how to design luxury bathrooms using the company's tried and tested CAD (computer aided design) software.

Bathroom tile variations

The company’s network of high-quality professional bathroom installers undertake the actual installation so whilst an eye for detail and a flair for design is required, prior knowledge of the building industry isn’t essential.

The pandemic has created a surge in demand for home improvements which, in turn, has led to generous increases in margin. Opportunities to secure showrooms in some of London’s most exclusive areas, at significantly discounted rents and terms, means there really has never been a better time to consider owning your own business.

The market

What makes us different?

The bathroom retail industry itself is predominantly focused on the sale of fixtures and fittings. Many high-street retailers offer some form of design service but as its sole aim is to help with the sale of fixtures and fittings and in most cases, it tends to be quite primitive.

Bathroom ‘Designers’ are often fairly junior salespeople with only a few days basic CAD training and limited actual knowledge of bathroom design. The London Bath Co. dedicated franchisee training provides franchisees with an extensive in-depth retraining programme equipping them with everything they need to be able to create stunning, inspirational, luxury designer bathroom design concepts that will wow their clients and result in high-value sales.

TLBC dark tones

Selecting and managing builders is a daunting task for most people and can be difficult and risky without extensive experience and knowledge. Because we undertake the entire project, including installation we take away the anxiety often associated with undertaking this type of project which for many people is the reason why these jobs are often avoided.

The opportunity

A complete business management opportunity

Utilising decades of experience built up in the building services industry we have developed a proven formula and a comprehensive system to effectively and efficiently run and operate the entire business. Franchisees work closely with our network of accredited and vetted installers, designing and selling fully fitted luxury bathrooms from their own boutique design showroom. Carefully managing the relationship, keeping the client informed of progress throughout the installation eliminates the anxiety of dealing with builders.

As we design the bathrooms, we will also specify what materials will be used. Our extensive and comprehensive range of tiles, fixtures and fittings exclusively available to franchisees at generous discounts offer clients a huge choice and allows us to offer a truly fully inclusive ‘all-in price’ for everything.

TLBC two basins

Our comprehensive business management system will streamline and help manage your entire business from initial enquiry and design meeting, follow-up diary management, producing and submitting your quotation, inventory fulfilment and management, in fact every part of the process right through to the final invoice.

Lots of companies offer fitted kitchens but no other franchise opportunity offers a true one-stop solution for a high-quality, professionally designed bathroom, supplied and fully fitted - ready-to-use – and at an affordable price and this makes the business itself unique in the UK.

And of course, in delighting clients, franchisees create profitable and highly valuable businesses.

Who we're looking for

Ambitious, like-minded professionals

Our franchise partners are enabling us to speed our expansion taking advantage of never before available opportunities to rent prime high-street locations in some of London’s most fashionable areas.

We’re looking for ambitious, like-minded professionals with a flair for design and an eye for detail who wish to share and benefit from our experience and success. Prior knowledge of the building industry and interior design is not essential just the desire to succeed and learn how to recreate the same hands-on management at a local level in new areas further establish the brand in what is currently a poorly served marketplace.

The training programme is comprehensive and will guide you through the entire process showing you how to set up and run your own businesses. Training will cover bathroom design using CAD, specifying and supplying materials and how to manage the installation process to make your dream designs a reality as well as helping you to identify, negotiate, design and fit out suitable premises for your showroom.

TLBC sleek lines

Request Information

An incredibly rewarding experience

Ambitious, like-minded professionals.

TLBC Richard

Richard Taylor’s franchise with The London Bath Co. is thriving in spite of the pandemic as Londoners swap holidays, traditional high street spending and fancy restaurants for luxury bathrooms

How are you finding running your own business as a franchisee with The London Bath Co.?

"It’s hard work and the hours are long, but it’s incredibly rewarding and really exciting to see the business developing so quickly."

Now that you’ve come through lockdown and reopened to a surge in business, how do you feel?

"I didn’t know what to expect when we first reopened. I was just concerned about survival to be honest, but then the phone started ringing and it hasn’t stopped since. I can honestly say I’m busier now than I was before the pandemic."

Many traditional high street retailers are struggling, but the opposite seems to be true for your business. Why do you think that is?

"There are a number of factors that are making it even busier than before the pandemic. Being cooped up at home with a grotty bathroom for months on end has definitely forced the issue in some cases. Also, a lot of people haven’t been away this year or certainly haven’t had expensive holidays, so they’re spending that money on home improvements. Most builders I know are rushed off their feet at the moment."

How are you coping with demand?

"My dad and my niece are helping out in the showroom, but there’s never enough hours in the day. The London Bath Co. has a ‘clicks to bricks’ business model that generates awareness online and drives footfall."

How does this benefit your business?

"I actually asked head office to reduce my online advertising recently, as I can’t deal with any more inquiries at the moment. I completed my training and initially started trading while the store was still being fitted out and was busy from day one just from the inquiries generated online."

Does this business model help to even out the natural ebb and flow of demand for your services?

"It’s reassuring to know that if the showroom does quieten down with passing trade I can boost inquiries simply by contacting head office and asking them to increase my online advertising budget for that month. I’ve had a pretty steady flow of business ever since I opened the doors to my showroom, but there have been times when the online enquiries have helped to fill my diary on the odd days here and there. We have a great marketing department and experts working on the company’s Google campaigns, which account for most of the inquiries we receive online."

What do you enjoy most about running your business?

"I love meeting people and enjoy designing bathrooms. The CAD programme we use is intuitive and once you get the hang of it it’s really enjoyable transforming drab bathrooms into luxury, hotel style ones."

And the least?

"Not having enough hours in the day."

How has the specialist support provided by The London Bath Co. given you a competitive edge?

"The London Bath Co. franchise is a partnership between franchisees and head office and the support they offer is across the board.

"Our online marketing is sophisticated, but we also have slick marketing materials and showroom brochures that give our clients confidence and that big company look and feel. And of course, all the fixtures and fittings are ordered directly from head office, so I can concentrate on simply designing and selling the bathrooms and managing the installation process with my clients. It’s that hands-on approach that makes the difference between using a professional company like ourselves and taking a chance and hiring your own builders with varying reliability and capability."

How would you describe the ongoing day-to-day support provided?

"Support from the franchisor is always there when I need it. I don’t tend to need the constant day-to-day handholding like in the early days, but it’s reassuring to know that it’s there when I need it. The training programme includes learning to use CAD software and hands-on, in-the-field sales training learning how to sell to clients face to- face."

How helpful and comprehensive did you find this?

"I used to be a bathroom fitter, so I was used to dealing with clients face-to-face, but not using CAD software. The training was great. It started with one-to-one sessions at The London Bath Co. head office in Hampstead with one of their designers to learn how to use the CAD software to design the bathrooms. Once I was up to speed, I was taught how to carry out in-home consultations. The more you do it, the more comfortable you become and after a while it quickly becomes second nature."

You’ve recently passed your first year end and even with the pandemic have exceeded your forecast and are showing healthy profits. What are your plans for the future?

"Resales are really popular in franchising. There are lots of people who don’t want to start a business from scratch, so I’m building a strong financial history in the business and eventually I hope to sell it on as a profitable going concern and for a healthy profit."

What are you planning to do once you’ve sold the business?

"I’ve already discussed this with our CEO. Once I’ve sold the business, I’m planning to start another franchise in a new area. I enjoy the start-up process and having done it before it should be pretty straightforward"

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