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besley & copp

The fact that a franchised brand is made up of a network of individually owned businesses raises the challenge of brand control and consistency of provision. Establishing control and supply across this network is essential and choosing the right partner is key. As an experienced franchise supplier, besley & copp has been helping franchisors launch, grow and support their franchise brands for over 10 years.

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Franchise Services

besley & copp Franchise Solutions

besley & copp’s eSupply Portal is a cloud-based solution that manages the network-wide marketing and operational requirements of your franchise business. At the touch of a button, the eSupply Portal will help you distribute marketing campaigns, advertising, point of sale, operational print, consumables, clothing, desktop stationery and much more right across your network.

As an experienced franchise supplier, besley & copp understand that the franchise business model is unique and requires tailored support for both the franchisor and the franchisee.

For the franchisor, we provide flexible centralised support to help with all aspects of managing and developing a product and services portfolio. From the building of a branded eSupply Portal website through to brand compliance, procurement and distribution, we have the expertise in place to help the franchisor scale their business. Our overriding objective is to free up your valuable time to help increase brand recognition and to sell further territories.

For the franchisee, the emphasis is on providing individual support and advice. We understand that franchisees are busy and realise that they need everything to run their business quickly and at the best possible price. Our aim is to develop a sustainable long-term relationship with each franchisee, supporting their investment and the growth of their territory.

Client Testimonials

“ServiceMaster have worked with besley & copp for over 10 years now. We have always experienced superb customer service, on top of Professional service, quality and value for money. It’s a pleasure to work with you!”
Wendy Buck, Administration Manager

“besley & copp have been fantastic in helping manage our growing network of franchisees and how they use our brand. They really understand the importance of our identity and they’ve helped us produce thousands of high quality products... our franchisees really appreciate the service offered by besley & copp too, the portal saves them so much time, it’s a one stop shop and takes all their graphic design headaches away.”
Sarah Briggs, Marketing Manager

“Because of their expertise besley & copp have become a true partner in the Professor Poopenshtinken’s Magical Maths success story. We have been delighted with their service, and with a solid foundation now in place in terms of brand management, procurement and our great eSupply Portal website, we have everything we now need to scale our business and continue our magical journey.”
Dr Jenni Bradford, Magical Maths
New Woman Franchisor of the Year - Winner 2015

“We have worked with besley & copp for a number of years now for our head off ice print, but also in providing our franchisees with a full web to print portal. The system is brilliant and the team behind the scenes are always very helpful. It’s saved us so much time, and indeed resources.”
Michelle Downey
Head of thebestof

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Case study: thebestof


With the birth of thebestof in 2005, Michelle Downey and her highly successful franchise network have been helping 1000’s of local businesses nationwide be ‘the best’ in their area by building on community spirit and dynamic local promotion. With over 150 franchise regions and growing, thebestof is a true franchise success story, simply “Making local life better for everyone in the community.”

The Problem

When your business involves being the best marketeer in town, without a doubt you need supply chain that you can rely on to support new initiatives and business development. It’s not rocket science!

Whilst thebestof was already ahead of the game with franchisee technology, it gradually became clear that as technological expectations rose, its existing supplier fell behind with innovation and that a change was needed. Poor franchisee feedback, continual price rises and inconsistent quality certainly didn’t help.

In addition, with all of their franchisees being owner operators, there was also the issue of managing a payment mechanism across its network.

The Solution

It’s a challenge for any franchisor to control their brand and product consistency across a large network, but with the eSupply Portal and besley & copp, thebestof have achieved this.

With its experience in the franchise industry, besley & copp brought a fresh approach to the table. With a new branded eSupply Portal, thebestof could now offer it’s franchisees a larger range of personalised marketing material and design resources. This was all backed up by a partner committed to on-going investment and innovation.

The new improved solution enabled thebestof network to offer greater regional design flexibility reducing the reliance on their central resources, reducing administration and costs. With the addition of a new credit card facility, franchisee payments could be handled safely and securely, taking away any central liability.

With personalised user profiles and interactive design templates, thebestof can now deliver centralised marketing collateral to their network, yet retain control over the local personalisation. From marketing and operational print through to promotional merchandise, besley & copp have given thebestof a single-source solution, supporting rapid and scalable growth.

Network-wide benefits include:

  • De-centralised ordering process
  • Reduced central administration
  • Improved buying power
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Brand & identity control

The franchisees now have a wider range of high quality marketing collateral which can be highly personalised, helping them to stay on brand and on budget.

Case Study: Servicemaster


ServiceMaster’s origins are in Chicago in 1929, when a former minor league baseball player, Marion E. Wade started a moth proofing company. Today ServiceMaster may be a Fortune 500 company, yet it still prides itself on its original ideals of integrity, responsibility, co-operation and mutual respect.

The UK Company celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2010, one of the most successful franchise operations in the UK with over 400 business owners across its four brands:

  • ServiceMaster Clean
  • Merry Maids
  • Trugreen
  • Furniture Medic

The Problem

It’s a challenge for any franchise to control brand and product consistency across a large franchise network. For the extremely successful ServiceMaster it means having to handle a complex range of operational and marketing collateral across four very different brands. This wasn’t easy and required a great deal of centralised administration.

Franchisees are not typically sales and marketing specialists, their knowledge and experience is normally within the service or product they provide. Ensuring the consistency of the brand identity across such a huge network was a constant battle with many of the franchisees not fully understanding how these brand identities should be used to their best advantage.

With all of these franchisees being owner operators, there was also the constant issue of managing the payment for these products.

The Solution

To solve this ongoing operational problem, ServiceMaster contracted the services of a partner with knowledge of supplying eProcurement solutions to the franchise sector, besley & copp.

Following an initial audit that looked at the objectives of the company and the needs of the franchisee network, besley & copp built 4 separate franchise branded websites powered by the eSupply Portal. The modular nature of the eSupply Portal enabled it to be tailored to the clients specific needs as well as offering a scalable platform to build on going forward.

The ServiceMaster network now has a dedicated eSupply Portal resource for each brand, allowing franchisees to quickly place orders, whenever they want, wherever they want on a range of desktop and mobile devices. This has empowered the individual franchisees, who now access a wide range of high quality marketing collateral which can be regionally personalised, yet stay on brand. The problem of payment has been solved by installing credit and debit card payment facility for franchisees.

In turn ServiceMaster as the franchisor, can control the use of the brand and the messaging used across each of the four branded networks. Because all marketing and operational print now comes from one central point, the company is guaranteed that the highest quality print is being used by its franchisees, while reducing the amount of stock that needs to be held.

And the eSupply Portal’s scalable platform has already extended so that the ServiceMaster network can now access, not just operational and marketing print, but purchase an extended product range that includes uniforms and promotional gifts. A complete procurement solution.

Network-wide benefits include:

  • De-centralising the ordering process
  • Reducing central administration costs
  • Aggregating costs across all four brands
  • Improved reporting
  • Controlling the 4 brands.

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